About us

The Harris Lab uses a large repertoire of model systems and experimental approaches to understand how DNA mutating enzymes (APOBECs) provide immunity against viral infections, yet in many cases also contribute to tumor evolution through genomic DNA mutagenesis. Another goal of the Harris Lab is to translate these fundamental scientific discoveries into novel therapeutics against viruses and cancer.

Recent News

May 7, 2021
Harris lab graduate student Sofia Moraes is awarded an NIAID F31 Graduate Research Fellowship! Great job Sofia!

May 5, 2021
Harris lab graduate students Amanda Rieffer and Arad Moghadasi win the Gortner and Bollumn awards, respectively, for excellence in Ph.D. research.

May 3, 2021
Harris lab graduate student Arad Moghadasi win the CBS Outstanding Teaching Assistant award.

May 1, 2021
Harris lab graduate student Matt Jarvis wins the MICaB Chen oustanding student award, the Dr. Marvin and Hadassah Bacaner research award, and the Beatrice Z. Milne and Theodore Brandenburg research award for excellence in his Ph.D. work.

Jan 28, 2021
Harris lab post-doc Dr. Bojana Stefanovska receives an Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Ann and Sol Schreiber Mentored Investigator Award.

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